The Guide on How Often You Should Wash Your Hair

We all know that washing our hair is essential, but how often should you do it? This article will help you understand the best amount of times to wash your hair. It will also give helpful tips on what type of shampoo to use and why not using conditioner can benefit your hair! So read on if you’re looking for a guide with expert advice on how often you should wash your head.

etiquette question

The Etiquette Guide for Your Next Hair Appointment

Have you ever sat in the stylist’s chair and not known what to say? You might be asking yourself, “Can I ask them to trim my ends?” or “How should I tell them that they missed a spot in my back?” Fortunately for us, there is an etiquette guide for your next hair appointment. This blog post will teach you how to act like a pro when getting your haircut.


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