Steps for a Beauty Routine before a Zoom Video Call

You’re halfway through your morning routine when you get a call from your boss. You had no idea the Zoom video conference was today, but she’s asking you to hop on right away! Now what? You’ve got two options: put on some makeup and do your hair before the meeting, or do it after. Both are pretty time-consuming tasks that will make for an awkward-looking conversation with colleagues. So what should you do in this situation? Read more below to find out how to look presentable during a Skype call without sacrificing personal hygiene too much…

It never ceases to amaze me how many people still think that the best way to look for a job is by sending in a few headshots and a resume. That might have been true back when we were all applying for jobs over snail mail, but today it’s not enough. Employers want to know what you’re like as a person before they bring you on board. And one of the easiest ways to do this is with Zoom video calls, where you can see each other while chatting about work or life in general. It sounds simple, but if you show up without doing your hair and makeup first, there’s no chance of making an impression because employers can’t get past your appearance to see who you are! So here are my tips.


Makeup strategy for your next zoom-meeting

I’ve been using Zoom to video chat with my family and friends for a few months now. It has been a fantastic way to see them and catch up. I never realized how much time it takes me to get ready before hopping on the call, but recently I started sharing my beauty routine with those who tune in life! Here are the steps I take before each Zoom call:

  1. Shower and wash hair
  2. Moisturize face, lips, hands, etc.
  3. Brush teeth or use mouthwash
  4. Cleanse your face with an oil or cream-based cleanser. Gently remove any makeup and dirt particles from pores by using circular motions with hands or washcloth. Rinse off the cleanser thoroughly, then pat skin dry with a towel;
  5. Moisturize skin by applying an oil-free moisturizer that is appropriate for your skin type (i.e., oily/dry);
  6. Apply foundation that matches natural skin tone (i.e., liquid foundation). Blend evenly upward.

make myself look better

How can I make myself look better on Zoom?

If you’re like me and use Zoom for work or school video conferencing with clients or classmates, you may be interested in how to look better on the camera. I’m not a makeup artist, so this is just what I’ve learned from my own experience and by reading articles online. From what I can tell, there are two basic categories of tips: how to make your skin look good on camera and how to get rid of all your zits before they show up on camera.

Even though we don’t have the advantage of seeing each other’s faces, there’s still a lot that goes into making myself look presentable. It’s easy for me to get frustrated when my hair is flat, or my clothes are too tight, but the truth is that as long as I focus on what matters most – like being kind and confident- then everything else will fall into place. So whether you’re going for a job interview or catching up with your best friend from college, these tips will help you make an impression!


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