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The Etiquette Guide for Your Next Hair Appointment

Have you ever sat in the stylist’s chair and not known what to say? You might be asking yourself, “Can I ask them to trim my ends?” or “How should I tell them that they missed a spot in my back?” Fortunately for us, there is an etiquette guide for your next hair appointment. This blog post will teach you how to act like a pro when getting your haircut.

You’re in the salon, ready for your next appointment. You glance around and see all of these hairstyles you’ve never seen before. How do I know which one’s right for me? What if it doesn’t look good on me? Will they like my hair or make fun of it? These are all questions that go through your head when you sit down in the chair. Lucky for you, I have a guide to help with those questions.

Proper salon etiquette

We all have our hair care routines, but when going in for a haircut, many of us are unsure of the best etiquette. So let’s break down some common guidelines, so you feel at ease next time you’re getting your locks trimmed!

  • When checking in, let them know if there is anything specific about your hair that they should know.
  • Make sure to bring all necessary products with you (hairdryer, brush) and make sure they don’t forget any pieces like clips or bobby pins.
  • If you want something more than what the stylist offers on their menu (like highlights), tell them before your appointment starts! Then, they’ll be able to give an accurate quote without assuming too much about what you want.
  • You should arrive on time and be courteous of your stylist’s time by being as efficient as possible with getting ready before they start cutting your hair.
  • When it’s time for styling, tell them how you want your hair styled so they can work their magic on making sure it looks perfect before leaving the salon.
  • If you’re going in for a trim or color touch-up, let them know once they ask if there was anything else.

etiquette rules for hair salons

Must-know etiquette rules for hair salons

We’ve all been there. You’re sitting in the chair at a hair salon, and you ask your stylist for a trim or a new doo. But as soon as they walk away from you to get their tools, you have no idea what to do with yourself! How long should I wait? What am I supposed to be doing while waiting? Is it okay if my phone is on? If so, how can I stand not being able to check social media for 10 minutes?? The list goes on and on. Well, fret no more!

When you’re at your next hair appointment, be sure to ask whether or not the stylist uses a comb or brush when working with your hair. In some instances, using a comb can leave less damage in its wake than brushing.

What’s the difference between a comb and a brush? This is an etiquette question that every woman needs to know. The answer: it depends on how much damage you want done! A brush generally tends to spread out knots and breakage more evenly throughout the hair shaft while also breaking up tangles. On the other hand, combs are typically used to detangle wet hair before styling because they don’t cause as much breakage as brushes.


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